Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Humiliating Me In Public

Dear Diary,
I've noticed Mom has no problem humiliating me in public and posting pictures of me scared and wet while I'm not at my best.  You know what I'm talking about. Moi? During the torrential downpour that just about did me in on Sunday? Remember? She decided it was 'for Gracie's benefit' to take me to the Heritage Days Festival. Did she find it funny that I'm nose to nose with the big black dog that I detest and have to be cordial to, in light of the consuming storm surrounding me?!  Did she think that yanking on my collar and holding me tight would keep me from tearing that black lab from limb to limb?  And she knows I don't like water, yet she marched me right out there through the storms fury to find yet another scary safe place away from the rain.  Humph.  Okay, it wasn't quite as horrible once we got settled there and it was dryer...  BUT I just read her fancy blog about the day ..  
 ha-ha-ha Mom,you are such an idiot a jokester.  Oh... and listen up, peeps.  Sure she shared pictures of ME sopping wet, terrified and humiliated.  

But Now - let ME share a few pictures of my own.



Uh oh.  Here she comes. Looks like I'm in deep doo-doo.  Pretend I'm sleeping. 
Later alligator.  Gracie.


  1. Hi Bobbi!! I'm sorry that I've not been so good at stopping by, but I know you understand and I so appreciate the good thoughts for Hamlet and especially for the grin on a night when I really needed it!

    I hope you've had a good day!!

  2. Bobbi and Gracie, What an adorable post! Gracie - you are so cute in your comfy chair. You and your Mommy are pretty wet or dry!

  3. This is so funny! I think your mom is cute wet or dry too.

  4. Yes, this post is hilarious! But Gracie, your mom and dad even look pretty wet, so sorry, but no revenge!

  5. Gracie
    I hope you are out of the dog house

  6. Hehehe! LOVE it! You go, Gracie...

  7. Oh Gracie, how cute!... "after 'while crocodile"!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Oh I hopes you wasn't in deep doody-do! Not good. Da next postee I see will be of da doody-do wit you in da middle of it.

    PeeS.....Don't worry too-too much. Your pawrents make a good-lookin couple....wet or dry! (As long as it isn't doody-do)!

  9. When I saw that Gracie wrote this, I had to read it even though I am supposed to stick with 13 a day of the rest of my followers. I love, love, love her diary. She is one special dog. Gracie, Samson made me take a picture of his Gracie toy dog and he wants to write a post about her and you. So you have your Mommy tell you when it shows up, OK.

  10. "Payback" is awful.
    Loved the before & after photos Gracie took of you!! *giggle

  11. This was tooooooo funny! I like your parents better dry but they still look fine soaking wet. That day was definitely an experience for all of you. I am glad you had an opportunity to sneak to the computer and post this while they were busy laughing in the other room!

  12. good one Gracie!! I'm thinking your mom might keep that camera away from you in the future!!


  13. That is just too funny!


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