Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Santa Paws and A Shot In The Butt

I'll be honest.  It's not my favorite time of year.  First they move stuff around.  Then they string all kinds of annoying bright things throughout the house.  There are trains and carnivals.  Toys that make noise and kids who make more noise.  

However.  If my memory serves me right, I'm looking at lots and lots of cookie crumbs in my future.  So for now, I will relax and try to make the best of things.  

And hope that Mom gets over my temporary insanity upon trying to attack my groomer when she put me on Santa Paws lap last week.  Hey.  She kept kissing my ear over and over and over again.  I know I'm irresistible but geez....  A girl can take so much...

"Gracie!!!!!!"  Mom said.  "I can't believe you attacked your groomer!!!"

Well, well, well.  Turns out I had a horrible, terrible, awful, worst ever ear infection in that ear so it's no wonder.  

So's not to take any chances and have me attack the vet, Mom insisted I have my mouth tied shut. Pretty smart move on her part.  Cause let's face it, no-one was gonna touch that ear without a fight.

I'm on antibiotics now and I got a shot in my butt.  Humiliating, it was.  Very humiliating.