Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is Santa on Medication?

When I was growing up, 
I recall Santa as being three things.

1. Dressed in red.
2. White Beard and hair.
3. Jolly, with a Ho! Ho! Ho!

I'm the one on the far right.
Yes, I still believed! (still do)

But through the years Santa seems to have lost something along the way...

He still wears red.  
He still has that white hair and beard
 like he did back then...

But he doesn't seem to be all that jolly.  
I never hear him say, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" 

 Could it be that he's on medications to counter that excessive and extreme joy and happiness that he used to encounter every year around Christmas-time?  Really?  Is Santa taking medication?  

Whatever the case, he doesn't seem like himself.  But I guess todays kids don't know the difference.  

Oh well.  At least this year he wasn't female. 

 Last year my granddaughter wasn't buying it. 
 This year, she was in....

The innocence of children.  

There's nothing quite like it.