Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not All People Are Bad

Dear Diary,

  When I came to live with Mom and Dad I thought there were no two meaner people in this world.  Mom gave me baths, cleaned my ears, and scolded me for peeing on the floor.  Dad made me sleep alone in the kitchen with just an alarm clock and a Minnie Mouse blanket.

Oh... those were the days.  
We've come a long way, we have.  

Now Mom delegates my baths to a stranger groomer sometimes and doesn't clean my ears near as often as she used to because she forgets as long as I don't scratch. 

 I'm not a baby anymore, so I don't pee on the floor.  She does, however, scold me for leaving toys and bones lay around.  She says it's dangerous for her and Dad in their old age. I guess I can get that.

Dad gave up on the 'Gracie's bed' thing.  Now it's more like, "Gracie, is it okay if I sleep in the bed with you?" and "Could I have just a little more room, Gracie?" 

These humans that I once thought about running away from have come around... now I can't imagine my life without them.  

Mom says there's a dog named Ducky that has his mouth duct taped shut and he's running scared somewhere near where we live.  

Now, when I really stop to think about it...  I guess I'm treated pretty good most of the time.  Mom's held my snout closed on a few occasions because she's got a mean streak annoyed by my mouthing off to other dogs.  But never has she even come close to doing anything as awful as duct taping my mouth shut.  

Today I'm sad for Ducky and I hope he realizes that the people out there looking for him are there to help and not hurt.  I wish I could talk to him.  I'd tell him that not all people are bad. Gracie.