Friday, August 31, 2018

Meet The Trio

Meet Jake.  Jake is outgoing, friendly, kind, considerate, compassionate, well-loved, and a great soccer player.  Little things mean a lot to him, like the simple watch I got him when we went school clothes shopping (which he raves about) (though he forgot and left it at his pap's first day of school).  Anyway, you get the picture.

Meet the trio.  Marissa - entering middle school this year.  Jake, 5th grade.  Summer, 1st grade.  Report at days end was good news.  They all loved school this year!

Summer was so excited to wear her new school clothes and carry her new lunch container and she couldn't wait to see all her friends.  Just look at that smile!

Marissa is a beautiful, sensitive and quiet young lady and was super-nervous about going to a new school this year!  The good news - her new school is the school Jake has been attending all along.  He took her under his wing and made the day especially easy for her... even introducing her to his friends.   He is a sweet, sweet boy!!  

And I am a very blessed Grammy!