Thursday, February 23, 2017

My First Time!

She didn't ask me for help.  But I wondered...  what is so interesting about putting a bunch of little pieces of plastic together?  

She had been quiet for the longest time.  It all seemed like work to me... but I had to know, what did she see in it?

And so I sat down at the table with grand-angel #1 and started to pick out some of the Lego pieces for her that she needed.  These eyes ain't what they used to be but I did my best.

While she was busy reading instructions, I snapped one of the pieces that I had found into the place that it belonged.  I was proud.  She smiled big.

The hands are like the eyes.  Not so swift any more.   But still, I was finding that I could do it (with a little direction and encouragement from the nine-year-old).

"Grammy, we are spending quality time together and making something...together" she said.

My heart swelled.

Sometimes life gets so hectic and busy that we just forget what's important.

Sometimes we look at a big ol' bag of little tiny pieces of plastic and think...  it's not worth the effort.

Sometimes we hear the words we need to hear that encourage us.  And we become stronger,  more self-confident and inspired.

We couldn't finish it all in one night, but when she returns, we have a mission...  Scooby needs his car and we will not drop the ball.  It can and will be finished!!

Dear Diary,

Short Stuff came to visit.  She forgot to go home and ended up sleeping here all night.  She shared cookies at night and pancakes in the morning.  It was the best 24 hours I've had in a very long time. 

And now I must rest.  Gracie.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


So are we all ready for spring next month?

In October, when clocks are turned back I tend to clam up inside.  My feelings at the time are: for the next five months I need to find a happy place.  I need to hang on to the side of the ship so if the storms toss it around a bit I will stay put.

The days get short and the night gets long.  The gray skies seem never-ending.  Still, I look for happy.  I find it in the faces of my grandchildren.  Movies and popcorn.  New TV series where we watch three and four episodes a night.  A glass of wine with dinner.  Scented candles.  Halloween fun.  Thanksgiving gatherings.  Christmas joy.

And then, a new year rolls around.  January is cold and heartless, but the end is now in sight.

Which brings me to where we are now.  The first day of February.  The promise of spring and longer days.  Tomorrow that pesky old groundhog will say yay or nay for 6 more weeks of winter.  But in my heart, I hear the song of robins in the not so distant days ahead.  And I will likely not have to look far to find my happy.  It will be there when I open the blinds in the morning.

And Gracie, you too will be happy... right?

Yea.  Well, about that happy.  If you promise me a walk every day and double my treats... then I will be happy.  Whadda ya think?