Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yard Sale bargains but winding down....

Saturday's Yard Sale Haul:

Huge Christmas village   $10

They all have lights... I just wanted to try a few out.  There are hundreds of pieces to this...  Was I happy?  Yes.  I plan on an extravagant display for the grandkids this year thanks to my yard sale finds this year.  

Brand new kitchen curtains.  4 full pair $3.  I'm not so sure I like the color, but for three bucks I thought I'd give it a try...  it's a change anyway.

Brand new comforter set from the Bon Ton complete w/ pillow shams and bedskirt.  $6

Not shown is a dresser for $10 and some odds and ends stuff like a Ken doll for Rissie's Barbie's.  The man dolls are hard to find.  I only paid 50 cents for him.  

Anyway...  everything came to a grand total of $35.  Not bad.  The good part is, I never even had to get in my car since the yard sale was 2 houses away.  

With summer out almost behind me, I'm trying to focus on my book.  My goal is mid October for 'Gracie's Diary' to be complete and ready to go.  I'm shooting for 10 pages a day.  Oh, it's finished now... at 76,000 words.  But it's not the best it can be yet.  Now to find the time....