Monday, January 11, 2021

2020 Highlights

 RE: Was the story of the lost eBay package true, you ask?  Well... yea,  kinda sorta.  All except for the diary part.  The package is still MIA, so I'm sure I will be refunding the buyer eventually.  I have refunded a lot of buyers for this reason.  I'm shipping Fed Ex 2 Day now, and things are going much better.  

So 2020 turned out to be the year for permanently closing my office, hence the eBay selling of office inventory and such.  All About Hearing almost made it 10 years!!  

And now, I get to write!

 July 1 my first fiction book was published on Amazon!  I had so much fun creating the characters and writing THE HOUSE.  A kind and talented narrator agreed to produce the book on audio for a royalty share, and it has just been released to go live.  So if anyone would be interested in a FREE promo code for a FREE listen on audible in exchange for an honest review, comment with your email and I will get it to you.  

If you love GOD and DOGS, you just may be interested!