Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Forever On My Mind

Camp Serenity is coming along nicely.  After our first full night there, I realized I would need some change, such as an air mattress for comfort in hopes of a good night's sleep.  And so, we took our air mattress down and tried it in a spot that would work (the booth/table that pulls out into a bed).  I no sooner laid down on that newly blowed up mattress than a giant bee zoomed past me causing me to scream and run for cover... well... outside was my safe place at that point.  

Bees in a camper = not cool.

G is taking care of that for me.  For us.

So, when I was pretty sure all was safe inside I decided to sit on the sofa that pulls out into a bed (the hard one that I cannot sleep on) and check out the new TV/DVD player that G had purchased and hooked up.  As I was sitting there trying to figure out the remote, a tickling on my leg and then a spider siting on that same leg caused yet another blood curdling scream.  G thought it was another bee.  No, worse.  

A spider!!!!!

It got away.  It will be forever on my mind.

On our way home we noticed (compliments of G having left his car window's open) a plump and huge red ant crawling the inside windshield.  My seat belt prevented me from killing it, and it disappeared.  For a while.  In the corner of my eye I saw him.  This time, I unhooked the seat belt and got him!  RIP Mr. Huge RedAnt.

But that Spider.  He will be forever on my mind.  Him and his family and friends.  Forever.  On my mind.

But I will need to suck it up, buttercup if I wish to enjoy Camp Serenity in the future.  My only hope is that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, NEVER see a snake inside that camper.   I don't want to have to change the name of our place to Little Camp of Horrors.  

Meanwhile, back at home my little Chicklets ready themselves for Bible School.  They are having a great week with lot's of fun learning about Jesus.  

And in other news!  The pool is now open!!

And me?  I'm busy these days chasing baby bunnies away from eating the clover in my yard.  One day soon I hope to catch one of those little critters and bring it inside.  Dad loves new toys.