Friday, April 18, 2014


Gary (who does the grocery shopping) 
found my favorite tea today.  

I had just used my last tea bag yesterday morning.  Last week the market had no Red Rose in stock.  

I generally used Tetley and I was not happy one day when they were out of that brand and he brought home a box of Red Rose.  I am a creature of habit and if I like a product,  I'm good...  no need to try anything else.   I had never heard of Red Rose before but I was sure it would be awful. 

When I found a little green porcelain mermaid in the box as a prize, I thought huh... that's cool.  It reminded me of when I was a little girl and would dig with a spoon in the back yard. One day I dug up a teeny tiny porcelain cup and I thought I had found a real treasure

So, finding this mermaid inside the Red Rose box was a pleasant surprise, but more of a pleasant surprise was the taste of the tea.  I loved it!  

Now I only want Red Rose.  I guess change is not so bad after all.  

And, guess what I found in my new Red Rose tea box today?

You guessed it!  A real treasure!

Hey Gracie, what do you treasure?

A little to the left Dad...  no... no..  a little to the right...  no, down a bit...  up, up a little ...  right there!  That's it!  Ahhhhhhh

oh.  my answer:  back and belly rubs.