Monday, February 17, 2014


Dear Winter,

I don't mean to be rude, or hurt your feelings at all but you know you are not my favorite.  

I tolerate you.  I try to pretend like I care while deep inside, I am wishing that you would disappear.  

You're beautiful enough.  But you create a lot of work.  You are cold and heartless at times.  Seriously, what do you bring into this relationship?   

You have been vengeful this year.  

Every day you cover us with more and more white stuff.


You are slowing business.

Cabin fever is setting in.

You array yourself in beautiful white fluff....

But your heart is icy cold.  Your beauty fades and leaves dirty snow, icy sidewalks and a chill that goes to the bone.  
So winter, because of your failure to please...  I ask that you move on along now....   

And make room for spring.  She's always been my favorite.

Gracie, are you okay?

Let's see.  There's no place to pee.  I haven't been for a walk in 5,000 years.  Just going to the mailbox with Dad and I get that stuff you call salt on my feet and then I lick 'n bite my feet while you make me nervous hollering at me to stop because I'll cause my feet to bleed,  you are no fun, dad is no fun, there's no place to go and no way to get there.  I get up in the morning, do my pee in the cold wet white stuff, come back inside, eat my cookie, then go back to bed.  Does it sound like I'm okay?