Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tonight, We Went Back In Time

Crossing over the beautiful, one lane, covered bridge we were suddenly transformed back in time. A time when life seemed so simple yet hard. We Strolled at a leisurely pace, through the candle lit Village and experienced a Christmas evening of long ago. We visited the log cabins and volunteers as they celebrated the season and revived traditions of Christmas past. There was live seasonal music and hot cider was sold in the tavern, and warm egg nog with nutmeg in the country store.

First, the covered wagon.

Candles were lit throughout the village path.  It was beautiful. I wish I could have captured that beauty but pictures don't do this experience justice at all.  

We're ready.

The smells were phenomenal.  
An ambient  feel of long ago filled the air.

These sisters were busybodies and boy did they have a story to tell....  LOL

Cozy & once again, oh the wonderful smells...

Huh.  I guess nut shells made good candle holders back in the day...

Hot egg nog with nutmeg.  MMMM

Gary, always looking for trouble.

This cabin had an inviting aroma.  Aha!  No wonder.  Look at this dinner we stumbled on!

Thank goodness for these pot belly stoves to warm our hands after coming in from the cold.

No, that's not a flying saucer.  It's a snicker doodle.

Believe it or not, kids back in the 1700's & 1800's used to play with these type of toys, made from wood.

And the classrooms looked like this.  Be sure and count the stars on the American flag...

Women were not permitted to be teachers if 
they were married .

Just in time for some warm bread, right from the oven.

I loved this old chair.  

Every once in a while these people would appear in the dark night, out of nowhere...   walking along the village path with their candle and singing Christmas carols.  

Tonight, we went back in time... to a Christmas Eve so very long ago.  It was educational, heartwarming, and fun.  Glad you could join us.

Did I Say He is ALL BOY?

This is Jake. 
Remember Wet Oatmeal Kisses
Well, this is my son Jack's boy... 
My grandson Jake.  

My precious grandson came into this world by
 emergency c-section two months early.

That was 3 years ago...

Fighting for his life...

He made it home just in time to be our Santa...

I call him my lil' Pumpkin'.

He's come a long way.

And he's all boy.

I loved this picture of him and Rissie together...  
They are truly a gift from God.

Grandchildren keep life interesting and fun.  

Jake didn't talk for a long time.  
Then suddenly one day he started 
saying full sentences.  
I just knew that would happen!

Did I say he is ALL BOY???

Happy Birthday Punkin'  

Grammy and Pop Pop love you BUNCHES!!!!