Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Obsession

I tried it once.  It became an obsession; I needed to stop.  I went 5-years without it… but it was always in the back of my mind…. Taunting me….  Reminding me of its wonderful-ness.  Yesterday I caved.  I even planned my strategy knowing all the while that it was something I should stay away from. 

1. I blew off work. Closed the office. Went on my mission with one thing in mind. I would be fulfilled for the summer. 

2.  Oh, these extra pounds I've gained.  Darn them anyway.  So I chose my rest-stop purchase wisely.  

3.  This antique market was soothing to my soul as my mind ventured back to a simpler place and time.  But no... it was not the fulfillment of my mission.  Not at all. 

4.  Beautiful Deep Creek Lake...  and what a pleasant day it was!  Oh.  But, no.  That was not the obsessive desire that I've tried to separate myself from all these years.  I mean, really.  What harm can a lake be? 

5.  Ummm...  the museum with all the old mining relics of yesteryear and a bearskin rug?  Oh come on.  No harm there... just some good clean fun.

But then it was on to the real reason...  

I've known it was there all this time.  But I kept telling myself, "No!  You don't deserve it!  It will just make things worse!!"

6.  The Creamery on Deep Creek Lake is the most sinful and awesome ice cream I've ever tasted.  It used to be when I worked in Oakland, I'd treat myself every night on the way home.  "Oh, just one scoop," I'd say.  "And could you make that scoop half chocolate/half maple walnut?  And could you put the chocolate on the bottom please?"  (I like to save the best for last).  That was over five years and under 20 pounds ago.  Hmmm.

Ok.  I'll be good now.