Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Patch

Yesterday I went in for a biopsy and was put under anesthesia.  They put a patch behind my ear for nausea.  Soon after I got home I took the patch off and threw it away.

I do not like meds.  They always cause 'other things' to go wrong, in my opinion.   I am almost a virgin when it comes to medications.  I say almost because I do take the occasional Tylenol or antibiotic when needed.  Oh, and Claritin (children's version.. lol)  And I do the vitamins almost every day.  But generally, if the doctor tells me I have a problem I try to solve it by changing my lifestyle.  Cause I hate meds!!

And so.  Today, I'm getting the 'side effects' from that darned old patch.  Flushed face.  Vertigo.  Light headed.  Nauseated.  blah, blah, blah.

I took some of my (children's) Claritin, hoping it will ease my symptoms...  we will see.

*Sigh *

A lot of people might do well with meds...  but this old girl...  not so much.

I'm glad I didn't decide to do a cruise and follow the advice of all those who said "just wear the patch... you'll be fine."
Huh!  Gloom, dispair and agony on me.  It would have turned out ugly.

Well, now I know.

But in the meantime, I will suffer.  And hope these symptoms leave sooner than later.

Anyone else have any adverse effects from the notorious "patch". ?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Goodbye, My Friend

Our nightly walk with Gracie is one mile long.  I know this because I got in my car one day and drove it just to see how far it was.

There are things we look for along the way and sometimes a surprise or two that we will encounter on our one mile walk.    

Our neighbor just two houses down walks her teeny tiny  dog, Lacie...  the only one Gracie calls friend.  Sometimes we run into her and walk a while.

Neighbors on porches, always ready for a half-a-minute conversation as Gracie hurries me along...  cutting the conversation short.  


Dogs.  Dogs.  Dogs.  Most of which Gracie has created animosity between - (her and them) - from the get-go.

Beautiful, wonderful, well behaved sweet dogs resort to yapping and growling and trying to get at her when they see Gracie coming.  She brings out the worst in the other dogs...  little miss  I own this neighborhood and her snooty attitude is considered bad news in this town by the other canine neighbors.

Amongst those who started out on a bad paw with Gracie was Mutley.  Mutley is a Shih Tzu  who came with his owner Mary, to welcome us when we moved into our house in 2006.  Mutley was sweet and friendly and we thought for sure that he would replace the Shih Tzu neighbor boyfriend that Gracie had left behind in Wiley Ford.

Mutley sniffed around Gracie a minute.

Then she recipricated.

Suddenly Gracie growled and tried to tare into him.

Big mistake.

  Since then, Mutley lays wait in his big back yard waiting patiently for Gracie to walk by his house.  Without fail, we can count on Mutley's 'greeting' every night that we walk.

Except, this year something is missing.  There is no dog tearing out the back door and running at lightening speed to lunge at the fence at Gracie as she goes past.  No yapping.  Nothing.  All is still and quiet.  In our heart of hearts we knew.  But what we did not know is that one month after Mutley went to the Rainbow Bridge, his mistress Mary left this world as well.

Mary wanted to get another puppy after Mutley died, but her family advised her to wait.  Then, just days later she was diagnosed with inoperable late stage cancer and she was gone within a month.

I was shocked to hear the news.  Not so shocked about Mutley;  he was older and with his absence we sensed maybe he had taken his journey to the bridge.  But Mary always seemed so healthy and vibrant.   I'm guessing Mutley kept her that way.

Dear Mutley,

I always liked you, I just pretended not to. Oh, and sorry but you never had a chance..  Samson is my new boyfriend now and he is a cyber boyfriend (according to mom, the only way I'd ever get along with a boyfriend.  huh!)  Anyway...  Sorry you had to go to the Rainbow Bridge little buddy.  I will miss ignoring you when I walk past your fence and you act like you will tear me apart.  RIP little buddy.

Love, your friend Gracie.

Monday, July 6, 2015

United We Stand

Dear Diary,

Something was going on at my house this weekend.   Cookie carriers were swarming everywhere.

The smell of hotdogs was wafting past my nose outside and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to be outside in the heat where the good smell was or in the house where it was cooler.

The gentler of the cookie carriers said they were napkin hander-outers.  They didn't give me a napkin.  They must have forgotten about me.

Lots of those kids went into the big bathtub outside and started making a lot of noise and splashing water around.  I stayed clear of that mess.

A bright, giant alien looking bug carried them all around in the big bathtub and those cookie carriers squealed and laughed and kept falling off of it into the water.

I was just about ready to jump in and save them but then I remembered that I don't like baths and as much as I love those kiddo's, I just couldn't do it.

Mom kept saying, "Gracie... do you want in the house or outside? Make up your mind."  Duh.  I follow you around because I smell hamburger on you I want to be with you, Mom.  I love you that much!

When Mom did the group photo of the kids I was not invited, even though I promised to be good and not run away. 

like some kids I know....  ahemm...   catch that boy!  

Oh.  Sorry.  Got sidetracked by the next picture.

The thing I like the most about Smores is the graham crackers that fall from little cookie carrier hands. 

And so I watched and waited.

And though the nag Mom was diligent in making sure I snagged none of the chocolate which she says is off limits to dogs.... but was melting deliciously down the arms of certain of the smaller carriers...

I did find the graham crackers to be quite tasty and plentiful.

When all was said and done I was full and dog tired.  

And so I called it a night.  But I couldn't stop thinking about the smell.  That wonderful smell of meat sizzling on that hot outside stove... the one they call the grill.  I hope we do this again tomorrow.   Gracie.

Friday, July 3, 2015

What About Me?

I've seen Mom and Dad bring home some strange stuff from yard sales...  but what they drug home today takes the cake!  

I knew when they turned him over and started rubbing his belly that Butterscotch and I would be vying for pack position in no time at all.  

"Oh Gracie, we are just checking Butterscotch's batteries," they said.  Yea, right.   

Mom said he was cute and Dad said he would have to spend some time working on him because he wasn't moving the way he should be moving.

I told Dad that I don't move that well anymore either.  What about me?

Butterscotch made some neighhhh sounds and started jerking his head to the left.  Pretty lame if ya ask me.

Mom said the kids will love him.  Whatever.

Mom wants me to be friends with Butterscotch.  I have enough friends.  I don't need one more.

But what I do need is for Dad to check my batteries.  And hey, Dad, while you're at it can ya rub my belly?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June's Highlights

Rainy days and going back to bed...

Snuggling with the one you love....

 Spending time with someone you look up to...

Long walks....

Creating plays and acting them out....

Finding Magic....

Sweet Dreams...

Gracie says:

Walks.  Watching the house.  Food.  Dairy Queen.  Walks. Watching the house.  Sleep.  More sleep.  Watching the house.  Food.  Spa day.  Watching the house.  Barking at the mailman.  Barking at UPS.  Lunging toward the door when smelling the FedEx truck.  Barking at rabbits. Playing with Wally.  Snuggling with Lambie.  Sleep.