Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Happened?

Could somebody please tell me what happened to the last 4+ years?

Because my little Rissi starts Pre K next week and I could have swore I was changing her diapers just yesterday.

An overnight with Grammy and Pop pop was in order.  
Dairy Queen chocolate ice cream w/ sprinkles.

Then shopping for shoes. 
Decisions, Decisions.

Dear Diary,

I'm wondering what happened to Rissi?  She used to share cookies, heck.. she used to drop cookies.  Now she says'no Gracie, you can't have chocolate'.  Someone must've told her I couldn't have chocolate?  Hmmm... I think I know.  It had to be Mom...  she's become such a thorn in my side.  Humph.  Gracie.

no bake cookies!
 please - please - please.
Just one.
I promise I'll never jump on you again!