Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Chocolate Obsessed!

Just got back from Mid Atlantic Hearing Expo 2019.  We learned a lot.  


The Hearing Expo was held 

near ......

drumroll please.....


And so.  the only thing to do is blow off meetings and head on down to the Hershey Museum.

And yes, we were inspired!

And delighted!

And enlightened!

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am having fun miserable here at Lindsey's.  I think when if you return to get me you should bring me presents.  Toys and treats.  Lots of them.  And bring some for Ellie too so she won't steal mine.  You owe it to me for placing me in this wonderful horrible place while you are gone.  They love hate me here.  I've eaten so much I can't move been starving because they won't feed me - so double up on those treats if ya will....  It'll be a bummer so good to have you back cause I'm so very loved and doted over wasting away to nothing here.  Remember, lots of treats and toys.  And hey, if you must ever go away again I guess you can leave me here.  I will suffer, sure - but as long as you make it worth my while *wink*wink* I can endure.


Gracie Hayes Phillip