Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Fall has arrived nicely.

And now that the festivals are over it's time for a nice quiet walk along the bike trail by the railroad tracks.

We stop for a picture.

And as always...  hope and pray that we don't have a 'train encounter'.

Ever since Gracie FREAKED OUT a few years ago there.

But during this weekends walk...  one of my biggest fears!  The train was coming!  There was nowhere to go, and since Gracie almost broke loose last time, I pulled her over to the side and threw myself on her... trying to keep her calm and from trying to run away.

Whew!!!!  My heart was pounding!  So was hers.

But we made it!

If you haven't seen this video already, be sure and watch.  This is from 2 years ago.  I had no idea Gracie would react in the way she did!


Happy Fall y'all!