Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now That was Funny!

Trick or Treat


  Marissa as Dorothy 

Gracie as Toto

Gracie:  "Can we stop for a minute?  I have an itch!"

Marissa: "Grammy, Toto won't come here."

Jake as Scooby Doo

 "I love you Toto"

"There's no place like home..."

Gary as the mad-man who tries to get back in the house after he's locked out because of being an accomplice to a practical joke played on his wife by her son...

"We'll unlock the door and let you in Pop Pop. .....  Gracie, how do we unlock the door?"

Jack as the son who supposedly was in the bathroom but in reality had snuck outside and kept ringing the doorbell and knocking on all the doors causing his mother to run outside with the huge bowl of candy excited to have trick or treaters  only to find nobody there...  He was locked out as well...

 "Now that was funny!"

If God Convicts You That It is Wrong, Then It Is.

I don't like to think of myself as a religious person.  Too many things are done in the name of religion that make me cringe.  

Instead I hope that I can be recognized as a person who has a heart for God and has given her life to Christ.  You see, Christ can change a heart from evil to good. Really.   

With that being said, I'm going to ramble a bit today; hope you won't get lost.

Last week in our Church the sermon was on Halloween and how it is evil.  Though I respect our pastor's views on the subject I don't totally agree.  To me, halloween is a time to laugh and have fun and has nothing to do with evil.  I guess it's all in what you put into it.  If you think it's evil, it is.  If you carve a pumpkin and invite evil spirits inside, then...  well... you get the picture. 

Which holiday that we celebrate nowadays doesn't have a pagan or evil history behind it?  Or which one have we not made evil by our traditions?  I guess what I'm saying is...  if you think something is evil, such as Halloween... then yes... you better stay away from it's celebration.   If God convicts you that it is wrong then it is.  I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm ready to follow God.  If we're going to follow Him though... let's not pick and choose what we want to follow.  Let's let him lead us in all things.  

Last night we went to a program at our Church, The Evolution of a Creationist.  Jobe Martin, D.M.D. Th. M.  Wow!!  I've always believed through faith that the earth was created by the Lord our Creator...  but seeing the proof was icing on the cake.  This guy started out as a traditional scientist and is now a creationist.  Last night he took a look at animals that break all the evolutionary 'rules'.   I learned some things I never knew before.  

Forever learning, I keep my heart and mind open. 

Okay, that was a ramble for sure.  Gracie woke me early this morning and I'm working on shaking this headache before I start my day.  

Memory of halloween past:

Casper, the friendly ghost was my costume of choice... I loved him, because he was friendly.  Mom would give us each (all 6 of us)  a big brown grocery bag and we'd go door to door collecting candy, cookies (they always ended up smashed at the bottom of the bag) and dimes. 

 People gave, kids trusted, and the world was okay.  

Have a wonderful day everyone!