Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to The Chamber of Commerce's 'After Hours' where other local businesses get together and have good eats, win some prizes, and mingle.  It turned out to be pretty big, with around 400 attendees...   
It was a good thing it was held at Rocky Gap Casino Resort this month.  They needed the space!

So anyway...  while there we were each handed a coupon for a free dinner at the Lakeside Restaurant there for Wednesday nights only with an expiration date of February 12, so we had to make sure we got in by then.

And so... 

 Tonight we got in the car and headed down that way.  I called on the way, to see if we needed to have a reservation...  and guess what?  They aren't even opened!  So when do you suppose you will be opening, I asked.  Not sure... but sometime in February was their answer.  
So I'm guessing they gave the coupons out to generate business for the casino.  They probably figure that once a person is there and finds out the restaurant is not open they will at least gamble.  


Glad I called first. 

So we ended up eating chinese.

But at least I did not have to cook.

Gracie,  your turn.

Dog food and another lonely night home alone.

Oh...  and a fortune cookie.