Friday, October 12, 2018


Amish country offers peace to the soul...  From it's vast fields of green trees and plenteous crop...

To the secluded chalet where we hang our hats at the end of a day of exploring and shopping...

Peace surrounds us.

 Our walks offer nature at its best.

Perfect!  Except for one thing.  We miss our DOG!!!

And speaking of DOG.  Allow me to share some throwbacks from our DOG.

Gracie.  The best Christmas present ever.  She turned 14 last month!  FOURTEEN!  No matter how you say it, that is getting old in dog years.  What will I ever do without her!!!???

So while in Amish country, we ran across this cutie...

A Gracie look-alike!!  I know, right?!

So I texted Gracie and asked, "Shall we bring her home with us?"

She texted me back.

There is no room in this house for a wild, crazy, hungry, energetic, goofy poop dropper, nor is there room in the bed.  Abort that idea.  Gracie.