Monday, October 10, 2011

The Lost Cracker

I ordered a bassinet from Walmart.  Lindsey picked it up on Saturday.  Rissi's using it for Pinky (her bestest friend and stuffed bear) while waiting for her baby sister to arrive.

Rissie picked this nice rose from our yard and gave it to her mommy.
Lindsey forgot to take her rose home.  So now it's my rose.

Gracie begs, so Gary throws her a cracker.

It lands on her back.

And she searches for it.

as we laugh at with her.

Dear Diary,

Kept the mom and dad entertained for a bit...  They thought it was funny that I had a cracker on my back.  Hardy-har-har... Hey. I knew it was there the whole time. I could've reached around and grabbed that cracker if I had the mind to... but me... being the caring pet that I am (unlike some humans I know whom shall remain nameless), I left them have their fun and played along.  Gracie.