Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We continue to be busy in our new business.  I'm loving my job and each day is a new challenge.  Word is getting out.  People know we're here... and that's half the battle.

 Today we attended a Senior Expo at the Mall.

In planing for our very first trade show/expo appearance, I ordered hundreds of pens with our business info on.  Unfortunately two weeks after I placed the order, the pens had still not arrived.  "We'll make do without them," I said.

But just as everything else has worked out in this whole business endeavor...  the UPS truck pulled up to our door yesterday and guess what?  

Yep, you got it....

We had pens!!  

Since we're just starting out, we didn't have a professional trade show set up, so we had to improvise.  We had our video otoscope to show peeps what the insides of their ears look like.    There was candy, business cards, magnets... well.. you get the picture.  And speaking of pictures...

In other news...  the ants have returned and they mean business!  Gary insisted I put ant traps in corners where they were coming in.  I hesitate...  because I'm afraid Gracie will find them.  But I was careful and put a chair in front of them.  

"Gracie," I said.  "I have to go back to work.  Now you stay away from the ant traps!!"  

We shook on it.

But when I came back over, she showed signs of being interested in where they were...  So I took them up, then I sprayed the parameter with lysol.  It used to work for me..  Don't ask.  

Afterwards I caught a stray ant lugging a chunk of poison back to its home.  It seemed disoriented and kept going in circles, so I ended its miserable life. 

Dear Diary,

Note to self:  Don't puke in front of mom just minutes before dinner.  There's nothing like hearing 'oh gracie...  you poor thing...  you're sick...  I'll not feed you tonight so your tummy will feel better.'  Yea.  That'll work, Mom.  I feel better already.  Gracie.