Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Thing About Coffee Filters...

The thing about coffee filters is...  

They don't belong on the living room floor.

If you happen on a stack of them on the living room floor...

Then you can assume your dog was up to no good.

"So my name's not Gracie anymore? It's Bad?
My new name is Bad?
I've been wanting to change it anyway."

If you suddenly lose track of where your dog might be resting hiding....

Just follow the trail of man guts...

And don't forget to call her by her new name!

R.I.P Man!

Dear Diary,  I'm leaving.  I'm heading for Golden Pines where dogs are people too..  Or maybe I'll run away to the Desert Canyon and shack up with my one and only true love Samson.  Let's see...  food. check.  treats. check. angry bird and wally. check. blankie. check.  belly rubs...  umm..  belly rubs...  hmmm.  Dad gives the best belly rubs in the world and Mom just fried up some chickie bird and she said she'd let bygones be bygones since Man is not dead, he's just brain dead because it's only his head that's been ripped apart.  Maybe I'll stick around a while and see how things go.   Gracie.

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