Monday, October 31, 2016

... about the pee

Ring * Ring * Ring

Gracie, it's for you....

Ellie:  Yea, Grace old girl it's El.  You know, your favorite niece... the baby of the family... the cute one...  the one you're not sure you like.  The one that jumps at you and tries to play with your face.

Gracie:  What do you want?

Ellie:  Can I borrow your dress tonight?  The purple one.  The one that's too tight on you now that you're fat and outta shape more fluffy.

Gracie:  I guess so.  But don't get it dirty.

Ellie:  You going to the big shindig tonight at the Animal Hospital?

Gracie:  I plan on it.  Is that where you're going?

Ellie:  Uh.  Yea...  guess I'll see you there...

Gracie:  Hope not...  umm..  yea.  So looking forward to it.  Just don't jump on me kid.  No nonsense from you.. got it?

Ellie:  Sure, Grace.  got it.  I'll be good as gold.  or black.  well, you know.  BOL.  Lighten up Grace...  it's party time.  Have some fun for a change. Howl like nobody's watching! Hey what are you dressing as?

Gracie:  A legal immigrant and Trump supporter.  And don't.  I repeat. don't laugh at my hat.  got it kid?

Ellie:  I got it Grace.  Yep.  100% got it.  I won't laugh nor will I instigate laughter from any other four legged friends we might see there.  I will protect you, old girl with all my energy and might.  We.  Are.  Family.  I got your back Grace!

Gracie:  The name's Gracie.  That's G-R-A-C-I-E. 
 Have some respect kid!

Ellie:  Ahhh sure thing Grace.  I mean.  Gracie.

...And Later That night

Ring * Ring * Ring

Gracie, it's for you...

  Ellie:  Hey, I saw you talking to cousin Opie there.  Were you talking about me?  What did he say?  Does he like me?  Did he say I'm cute? What did you say?

Gracie:  Listen, it's not always about you kid.  We were reminiscing about Obedience School.  We went there together a few years back.

Ellie:  Seriously?  You?  Obedience school?  BOL!!  And you don't even obey!!  How ironic is that?!  

Gracie:  If you weren't my niece I'd...

Ellie:  What?  You'd what?

Gracie:  Never mind.  Just don't forget, I want the dress back in one piece and without your doggie dribble all over it.  Got it kid?

Ellie:  Sure thing Grace.  And... ummm...  sorry about the pee on the ruffle.  Sometimes the excitement is a little too much....