Monday, April 15, 2013

Lindsey Sick ~ Grammy Wiped Out

It seems something is always coming between
 me and blogging.  

This time...  I've been keeping Summer off and on while Lindsey, my daughter, has been down with a stomach virus.  Rissi has been here too, but not as much.  She helped her mommy yesterday and today she went to school.  

As for Summer...

Talk about a workout!

This girl is on the go!!

I am thankful for her 3 hour afternoon nap which gives me time to clean up and re-group.

Lindsey can't afford to lose any more weight.  They admitted her to the hospital this morning and started IV's and did a lot of blood work.  They are having a hard time getting her heart rate to return to normal.  Tomorrow a specialist comes in to talk to her about her abnormal thyroid levels.  Please, say a prayer if you think about it.

I always tell her, "Lindsey,  you have to eat more!"

She takes such good care of her girls...  and after having Summer for 2 days, I understand a little better why she 'grabs a bite' when she can.

"Don't worry Short-Stuff...  I'll take care of you
while your Mommy is in the hospital."