Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Oh The Things You See...

Good news.  Yesterday when I discussed the possibility of a walk with Gracie, I got the tilted head really, a walk? look.  4X.   As if.  She could hear me.  Awe!!!!   My girl actually heard what I said!  For the moment, anyway.  I test her throughout the day with not much response.   But still.  I'm grateful for her brief bits of returned hearing.  

Do I want to go for a walk?  Is the Pope Catholic?  Well... Like... yea!!!

And so, a walk it was.

We are having spring-like weather here in Western Maryland.  How's your winter been holding up?  No real snow here yet and no complaints on that fact.

Ummm...  is someone missing a support apparatus thingy?  Oh, the things you see along the way when you walk the streets on a winter's day.