Monday, October 31, 2016

... about the pee

Ring * Ring * Ring

Gracie, it's for you....

Ellie:  Yea, Grace old girl it's El.  You know, your favorite niece... the baby of the family... the cute one...  the one you're not sure you like.  The one that jumps at you and tries to play with your face.

Gracie:  What do you want?

Ellie:  Can I borrow your dress tonight?  The purple one.  The one that's too tight on you now that you're fat and outta shape more fluffy.

Gracie:  I guess so.  But don't get it dirty.

Ellie:  You going to the big shindig tonight at the Animal Hospital?

Gracie:  I plan on it.  Is that where you're going?

Ellie:  Uh.  Yea...  guess I'll see you there...

Gracie:  Hope not...  umm..  yea.  So looking forward to it.  Just don't jump on me kid.  No nonsense from you.. got it?

Ellie:  Sure, Grace.  got it.  I'll be good as gold.  or black.  well, you know.  BOL.  Lighten up Grace...  it's party time.  Have some fun for a change. Howl like nobody's watching! Hey what are you dressing as?

Gracie:  A legal immigrant and Trump supporter.  And don't.  I repeat. don't laugh at my hat.  got it kid?

Ellie:  I got it Grace.  Yep.  100% got it.  I won't laugh nor will I instigate laughter from any other four legged friends we might see there.  I will protect you, old girl with all my energy and might.  We.  Are.  Family.  I got your back Grace!

Gracie:  The name's Gracie.  That's G-R-A-C-I-E. 
 Have some respect kid!

Ellie:  Ahhh sure thing Grace.  I mean.  Gracie.

...And Later That night

Ring * Ring * Ring

Gracie, it's for you...

  Ellie:  Hey, I saw you talking to cousin Opie there.  Were you talking about me?  What did he say?  Does he like me?  Did he say I'm cute? What did you say?

Gracie:  Listen, it's not always about you kid.  We were reminiscing about Obedience School.  We went there together a few years back.

Ellie:  Seriously?  You?  Obedience school?  BOL!!  And you don't even obey!!  How ironic is that?!  

Gracie:  If you weren't my niece I'd...

Ellie:  What?  You'd what?

Gracie:  Never mind.  Just don't forget, I want the dress back in one piece and without your doggie dribble all over it.  Got it kid?

Ellie:  Sure thing Grace.  And... ummm...  sorry about the pee on the ruffle.  Sometimes the excitement is a little too much....

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

And The Storm Rages On.....

Another round of entertainment tonight as the stage is set for one last debate between the two most unqualified presidential candidates in America's history before the big election early next month. 


For some reason, when the curtain goes up, I feel my blood pressure rise.  

It will be an hour and a half of lying, manipulating, defending ones self, screaming, whining, insulting, faking, throwing daggers, and lying some more.  

To come to a conclusion of who will the better choice to run our country would be impossible based on the reputation of the candidates.  And so, we need to look at what they stand for and who they will choose to surround themselves with once they are in office.

Based on issues alone,  I will be voting Trump.   

Meanwhile, the storm gains strength and the next three weeks prove to be entertaining at best.  
It's sad, that electing president of our country has become a reality show.  But it has.  I blame the media.  The evil, manipulative, power hungry media.  

And I blame us.  Because we are the ones that the media feed on and we allow it to happen.

I don't know about you but I've about had enough.  I am ready to hibernate to the back room away from Fox News and enjoy a DVD,  Gone With The Wind or Tammy and The Doctor.   Something nice.

Or look at old pictures that smile.

Dear Diary,

I've decided to run for president.  Here are the reasons:  1)  Rumor has it I will be better qualified than those who are running now.  2)  I will live in a big white house with lots of rooms that I can run around in and a great play area outside.  3)  Anything goes (which means I could do whatever I want, whenever I want)  like...   treats of beef jerky into the early morning hours, permission to kill all the stuffed animals I want, and steak every single day and night.  3)  I can change the world!!  Collars and leashes will be worn by peoples, not animals.  All furry friends will be free to run...  and have all the fun they want without the peoples saying stop! or don't! or I can't believe you did that!  Cages for them, freedom for us!  Who's with me???!!!!  Gracie

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now

 My eyesight was getting horrible.  The left eye was blurry close up and blurry far away.  Glasses or contacts.  It didn't matter.  Life was a blur.

I blamed it on my dry eye.  But then I thought, could I be getting cataracts?  I know a number of people my age who have been down that road already.

So I bit the bullet and called for an appointment to have my eyes tested.  It's been a couple of years.  Guess it was time.  This time for convenience sake I tried the place up the road from where we live, about three minutes away.

The doc gave me a new prescription which included a Toric lens to compensate for the stigmatism in my left eye.  When I asked him about the possibility of my having cataracts he was quick to say that I am too young for that.    I like him.

After ordering a new pair of glasses, I brought home the new contact lenses that he wanted me to try out.  The next day, I put them in.  Everything is bright.  And clear.  And sharp.

I can see clearly now, the fall is here
I can see all colors that are in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun shiny day
I think I can make it now, the blur is gone
All the dull images have disappeared
Here is the sharpness I've been hopin' for
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun shiny day
Look all around, there's nothin' but blue skies
Nothin' but yellows and oranges and reds so clear
I can see clearly now, the blur is gone
I can see all colors that are in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun shiny day

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Tale of Terror by Omar

 Once upon a time there lived an opossum named  Omar.  He was uglier than the ugliest of uglies.   After wreaking havoc on Princess Gracie's space and threatening her with his big ugly teeth and arrogant attitude, the groundskeeper set a trap to capture the wild and evil creature.

He placed sardines in the trap (since Omar was attracted to fish) and went to bed that night and waited.

Next day sure enough the trap had went off.

But alas!

Omar was smarter than the average Opossum and he was nowhere to be found.

Having pulled the sardines through the side of the cage, he cheated the entrapment and that had been set for him and went on to live a fun life, laughing beyond the grounds fence at the stupidity of Princess Gracie and her groundskeeper.   Omar rubbed his tummy, glad to be alive.

The groundskeeper thought, now how can I outsmart that pesky Omar and bring him into captivity so that Princess Gracie can live a life of freedom and run and jump and pee and poop in her own yard once again without worry that she will be attacked by the evil Omar.

And then, a plan.  The groundskeeper sat the end of the cage inside of a box so that Omar could not steal the food from the sides of the cage and cheat his fate.

Evening fell upon the grounds and Princess Gracie slept peacefully inside the house.  

Princess Gracie dreamed a dream.  Omar went for the bait, taking his chances, going in the front door for his late night snack.  BAM!  Gotcha!  Morning came and Princess Gracie's dream had become reality.

Poor Omar.  He trembled and hissed and curled up inside of his prison, outsmarted by the groundskeeper, scoffed at by Princess Gracie.

He was taken to a thickly wooded area and let go.  "Goodbye, Omar"  The children bid him farewell and the groundskeeper rattled the cage.  "Go!  Start a new life!  Go, now!!"  He was hesitant.  Unsure.  But finally, he moved slowly away. vowing to one day find his way back to Princess Gracie to terrorize her once again.

So Princess Gracie....  When you go outside in the dark of the night to do your business and ya think its all good....  all calm....  all clear and peace is upon the grounds... you better watch out....    cause Omar Opossum might just be lurking nearby, ready to flash those big pearly whites and GET CHA!!!!


Dear Diary,
Dad caught the pesky critter that's been invading my outdoor space.  But I will totally never forgive him for turning it loose somewhere far from here.  I really thought he'd give it to me to play with.  But nope.  No go.  What a killjoy.  Guess I'll have to play Barbie's with the girls.  Gracie. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Hiss and The Challenge

Summer is our tomboy.  She's sweet and sassy, loving and opinionated.  She loves chocolate more than anybody or anything.  Starting pre-k this year was not a problem for Summer.  She fit right in and made friends easily thanks to her outgoing personality.  

She has a boyfriend and he brings her flowers and he is crazy about her.  "The only thing..." he told his big brother..  "is that she hisses at me."  (Yep, I can see Summer doing that!)   His brother told him maybe he should find another girlfriend, but nope.. he said he's keeping her.

My guess,  it's the challenge.  If he only knew that a single Hershey bar would win her heart forever.

Dear Diary,

I know it's out there.  I know it! I know it! I know it!  It's why I whine and cry to go outside when all the rest of the house if fast asleep.  There's something.  Something in the dark of night.  Something alive.  Something mean.  Something ugly!  I want a piece of it!!!!  It needs to know who's the boss of this place!  It started with some paths in the yard.  What is it?  Dad said.  A rat?  A snake?  Bigfoot?    And so the exterminator bug killer man came to destroy!  And then, a dead rodent.  Dad put it in the trash can.  But wait.  Something is still out there.  I cannot rest.  I pace through the night.  I need to go out.  To investigate.  To guard my territory!!!    6AM I pace by the door.  "Gotta go, gotta go"...  I lie.    Then!  Face to face with Mr. Opossum!!!!!  He's mean!  He's ugly!  I jump and bark and lunge and let him know who's the boss of him!  He hisses at my face!  Let me at him, I say!  and then Dad pulls me away and runs inside with me.  I can't rest.  I pace.  I whine.  I want out!  I want out!  Let me at him!!!!!!!!

No more outside at night for you, Gracie.  Dad says.  Until we catch the beast.  
Really?  You are going to catch him just for me?  And bring him inside for me to play with?  Dad, you're the greatest, I say.

It was the best toy I ever almost came into contact with.  It was alive and vibrant and passionate.  It was feisty and sassy.  It was a challenge.  Unlike Mr. Hedgehog who lays lifeless until I sink my teeth into his pathetic fake fur.  Then it's a dull, sad burp of a sound.  So I will wait.  For my new toy.  Full of life and ready to rumble.  Gracie.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Death and The Lies

my dearest fall

how I abhor you
but not totally, you know
you are a beauty to behold
dancing around
soft breezes scattering those pieces of me that could not withstand your bitter revenge
as you try to make a show of your power
your strength
your ability to kill and clear away all that once was
my laughter can no longer be heard
the pull of peace puts distance between I and my warmth
and you
how can I forgive you
that you have murdered me
the days darker now
night sooner
cold harsh bitterness  to follow
I abhor you fall
my death is on you
but I will resurrect
and you will go away
and my friend spring shall usher in my glorious days once again
bringing smiles and sun and joy
and then you can rest
forever if you like

- summer

Dear Diary,

Evvvvvvry body gather round.  The side show is about to begin.  Graccccccie has become home for some fleas and Ms. Annoying (my new name for HER), using Dawn dishwashing liquid (ahhhhh choo!!)  (and q tips and tweezers) has decided to make THIS a daily event!  Watch as Ms. Annoying plucks fleas off of the innocent, elderly, **disabled dog who can barely make it up on to the bed by herself yet alone roll over for her (Ms. Annoying) to search her belly for fleas.  Woe is me.  Woe is me.  Gracie.

 ** disclaimer: All  recently posted blog entries where I am photographed running and jumping and laughing like a pup at the tennis courts have been photoshopped so that Ms. Annoying's bloggie followers think that I am of impeccable health and can withstand all the miserable cruel things she puts me through**  

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Clinton + Trump = Circus... and now My New Thoughts on It.....

So how many of you will be watching the presidential debate tomorrow night?   
It's a circus, right?

My choice for Republican candidate was either Rubio or Cruz.  Unfortunately that was not meant to be.   In my opinion, Trump is a pig who is full of himself.   Don't get me wrong.  He will have my vote.  

Putting all propaganda aside,  Hilary stands for all that I am against.  She will likely be an extension of Obama.  Obama stood for everything I was against as well.  So Hilary is 100% out!  

And since Trump is the other candidate,  I see him as the better of the two evils.  Will he follow through on his promises?  Who knows.  They both lie.  

I have prayed for direction. 

And I am sure between now and the vote there will be lots more propaganda on both sides and a continuation of lies and lots of money spent to 'entertain' us by bashing the other candidate.  

There is a time and season for everything I suppose...

And if we vote our conscience and for what we believe to be the best for our country moving forward...

 God will take care of the rest.  And all will work together for good.  

Our country seems to have become so divided since Obama took office.  Everywhere I go I hear the same thing. We used to love our fellow man and have respect for our leaders.  We lived by a rule of common sense.

Just as the seasons come and go...  our leaders will come and go as well.

Maybe we should not take it all so seriously.  Maybe we should just watch, listen, and vote...  leaving the rest to God and trusting Him.  One thing is for sure.  The judging, bickering, fighting, hating, backstabbing, and accusations against one another needs to come to an end and we need to stand united once again.

Matthew 12:25
    And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:



    The proud man, #DonaldJTrump has showed humility and repentance in regards to this latest skeleton which has been dug up from his past. Who would have thought the phrases "I was wrong" and "I am sorry" would ever come from this proud, arrogant man before. I have noticed photo's going around where his 'team' have been praying around him and praying with him and over him... and it is in my opinion for the moment anyway, that God has allowed all of this junk to come out in order to humble him. How else would he emerge victorious in last night's debate? How could he have pulled off last night's assault on him with such humility, dignity, repentance and grace after what was released recently? And... went on to put Clinton back on the defense... ?? Only by the grace of God. Trump was believable ... Clinton was not. Now, I am sure more dirt will be dug up and more skeletons revealed between now and then (the election) but I will remain on the Trump Train as long as Trump appears to stay humbled, truly repentant and focused. I can see God working.. Keep looking up #DonaldJTrump! #election2016#MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Friday, October 7, 2016

Autumn Everywhere

Fresh kettle corn.  Hot homemade vegetable soup.  Freshly baked bread warm and smothered with butter and apple butter.  Apple cider and old fashioned sassafras root beer.  Maple syrup and maple sugar candy.  Roasting chestnuts and peanuts.  The sounds and smells of autumn everywhere.

It could mean only one thing.

The Annual Springs Pa. Folk Festival!

We enjoyed walking the path through the woods and past all the old and historic reenactments and points of interest from days gone by.

LIKE A MAGNET....  Summer is drawn to any and all animals.

  But then again... Look at that face.  
I'm drawn to these sweet little guys myself.  Summer giggled when it squatted to pee.

The weather was perfect...  with a light rain starting just before we exited the festival.

And then...  heavier rains.  

Heading for home...  Just in time.

Dear Diary,

I remember days...  oh so very long ago...  when mom said, "No jumping on the furniture, Gracie!"   I say this now, because I think it's cute the way she drops whatever she is doing to get down onto the floor on her hands and knees to gently lift me onto the chair or the couch or whatever I happen to want to jump onto but can't.  Seriously, she never means what she says.    Gracie.