Thursday, September 8, 2011

Koly and Kelly's K-9 Kamp & INTRUDER!

It's week one of:


Gracie and I have been asked by Peggy at

So.  The first Challenge was 60 minutes of walking together at a fast past.  Gracie said she was in.  

Me:  "Ok, Gracie...  now we can't be stopping and piddling around...  this is serious!"

Gracie:  "Yea, yea... okay okay... let's get going.  Put my harness on me already!"  *pacing back and forth*

Me:  "Good girl Gracie, you got your poop out of the way early.. now we can focus on a fast pace.  Let's go!"

Heads held high...  we walked..  and walked..  and walked..  

Gracie:  "Okay..  okay..  let's stop.  I have to catch my breath.  I think I'm going...  to pass...  out...  please let's rest..."

Me:  "Gracie!  You're not out of breath!!  You wanted to stop so you could cop a smell or two..  and left your leg and pee like a boy.  You're using this serious, exercise time for recreation.  Now let's go!"  

Gracie:  "I'm coming...  Geesh.  What an awesome trainer irritation you are!"  

Me:  "Twenty minutes, Gracie.  Give me a high five on that one.  Just two more twenty minute fast paced walks this week."

Gracie:  "Yea, there's your five.  Now can you do something about this intruder that's looking in our window?"