Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good News Today

The flea dilemma.  Two days ago I found two fleas on Gracie's belly.  I brought out the trusty Dawn dishwashing liquid and dabbed those nasty critters away.  Next morning, called for appointment with the groomer.  Time to get groomed, and a flea dip I suppose.  
So I said goodbye this morning to my shaggy, multi-layered crooked cut cockapoo....

And welcomed home my little rat-dog later this afternoon.  The groomer said she didn't see one single flea on her, so there was no dip.
I gave the groomer a nice tip for having to deal with the

BIOPSY UPDATE:  From last weeks visit to the dermatologist.  
First the stitches came out.  OUCH!!!  Then the talk.

Dr:  Here's what I want you to do...  Stop off on your way home and get a bottle of champaign.  
Tonight you need to celebrate.  

He was sure the lesion he found was a deadly melanoma.  He was prepared to give me the bad news, but told the office workers to move my appointment to after Thanksgiving.  Why ruin my Thanksgiving?  

Then the tests came back... benign.  He couldn't believe it!  So he had four other doctors look at the  results, all came with the same conclusion.  Benign.  Though he did send it away to have yet another opinion, he's sure at this point that I'm okay.  But I'll need to go to my Gyn to have it removed.

So on this Thanksgiving let me just say that I am Thankful for my life!!! 

Thanks, friends for your prayers, well wishes and positive thoughts.  I love you all!

Dear Diary,  

Good news today.  No cancer for Mom.  No fleas for me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my doggie, bloggie friends out there...