Monday, April 30, 2018


To celebrate the oldest grand-angel's 11th birthday it was a trip to Baltimore - The National Aquarium and Port Discovery for Kids.

  Where did these past eleven years go?

Wasn't it just days ago that she was born????


Okay.  Back to reality and now.  Yes, our Marissa is growing up.

We had a blast during our trip to Baltimore.

The aquarium was interesting...

Lot's to learn....  and see...

But Port Discovery!!!!  Wow!

So much for kids to explore and do.  And us grownup kids did not grow weary or tired or bored...  it was that interesting and fun!

My top two favorites were the miniature sized diner where the kids served us up some pretty cool sandwiches...

And the scary gothic house of horrors...

I'd be careful if I were you....


There are about three floors of fun play stations and they are all BEYOND AWESOME!!

My left foot hurt to the point I could hardly walk on it but I would have crawled if need be.  Yes, it was that much fun!

Gracie spent the day at doggie day care and after our long drive home we picked her up.

Hey, wait!  You're not Gracie!!

Spring has finally sprung here in Western Maryland.  Today.  Today it sprung.  And we are hoping it stays this time.