Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Major Life Change

Let the countdown begin!!  

I'm thinking early June.  

I'll bet you want to know what happens in early June?

  Sorry.  The time is not right yet.  And just remember...  It might not work out. 

 But then again, it could be a major life change for me.  

It's a leap of faith for sure.  If it is meant to be it will be.  No worries.  

If God is in it, it won't fail.  If He's not in it... then still, I'll have learned something.  

Oh.  Forget I said anything.

  Just...  Carry on...  

I am very busy now ....   

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.

Dear Diary, 

'Smile'  'oh, that one's not very good'  'Smile again'  "You're an idiot lady a little over the edge, don't cha think?"  'just one more...'  'gracie, don't look away,' 'now I have to take another one...'

 This is what I go through daily.  

Is it any wonder I have a wild look in my eyes?  Is it any wonder...? Gracie