Friday, July 29, 2011

It Would Be A Sin

While our flowers are scorching in the summer heat...

Other, more useful plants are thriving.

Gary's tomatoes should be ready in a matter of weeks... 

And our grape harbor is overflowing with glorious, delicious grapes that are READY!!  What to do with these grapes?!  There are tons of them!  

And they are oh-so-sweet!!!

It would be a sin to let these go to waste.  I'm open for some good wine recipes or jelly.  Anyone???

Ever so gently, a rain fell before our evening walk this evening, and the heat wave was replaced with cooler temperatures and air that is much easier to breath.

 God decided to show off a bit and painted a beautiful rainbow in the sky.  

We dodged a few huge raindrops, but it didn't amount to much.  Gracie, who usually cringes at anything water related, didn't seem to mind. 

Waiting for your recipes...  :-)