Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Has It Really Been That Long?

I have been blogging since June of 2010.  That date seems like it was yesterday.  I recently (after doing a lot of research and through trial and error) had my entire blog turned into a series of chapter books.  This was pretty costly, but the results are awesome and I'm not sorry that I made that investment.  

Upon looking at one of the books this morning, I ran across the blog entries from July of 2011 when we first opened our business.  It was a time of uncertainty, yet  a leap of faith.  

Much has happened in those five+  years.  A couple of years into the business, Gary retired and I became sole proprietor.  

Mine!  All mine!  (my thoughts at the time) 

Taking it on by myself was exciting to me!  I would be in control.  I would know exactly what goes on with every little detail.  No paperwork would be lost or misplaced.  Mistakes would be mine to make and Gary and I would not be at odds about finances or marketing ideas as we were in the past.  We had worked together for way too long.  Some space was in order....

First on the agenda, clear all Gary's stuff out and make way for mine.

Being organized is one of the most important things for me.  If I'm not organized, I become stressed.  When I'm stressed I don't do as good a job.

Hearing aids aren't what they used to be years ago.  A lot goes into testing, fitting, and adjusting for hearing aids.  They are computer programmable and more of a prescription now as opposed to amplification that at one time (years ago) basically made everything louder.  When adjusted correctly, hearing aids can give the wearer a more natural hearing experience.  When the aids come to me they first need 'put together' and then programmed according to the customer's hearing loss which I record onto the software that Siemens provides.

Then there are the accessories/parts etc.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a customer into the most comfortable and best fit.

I try to keep a good supply of accessories on hand.  There's that organization thing......   ha!

Keeping demo's in sight are helpful and give the customer a good look at what they can buy.

 Marketing. Sales. Adjustments. Bookkeeping. Appointments. Repairs. Testing. Etc.   There is a lot that goes into it.

There are some days when I want to scream!  
 But mostly, I am happy and extremely content with my job.

One day I said to myself...  "Self.  I do not want to work on Fridays anymore."   And just like magic, the three day weekend was created.  I eased my customers into the new schedule and they are fine with it.

All About Hearing has become very successful.  Gary and I have worked hard and prayed often.

 God has been good in giving me exactly what I need, just when I need it. (patience, strength, ideas, customers, peace, direction etc)

Cute story:  I was programming a set of hearing aids for a customer the other day.  The aids were laying on my desk.  When I finished programming them...  I handed the customer the right aid...  and went to hand him the left one and it had disappeared!

I looked everywhere!  On the floor.  Under the audiometer.  All over the desk..  what could have happened to that hearing aid!

And then...  DUH!  I found it!  My magnetic bracelet strikes again!!

Go ahead.  You can say it.  I am a Ditz!  

Dear Diary,

Here's the thing.  I am getting sick and a little tired of my peeps coming home from Lindsey's with black dog smell on their hands and in their laps.  Now I hear that this new little addition to the family is supposed to be a good thing (for who??) but here is what I know.  she steals food from innocent children.  She pees and poops on the floor.  She rips furniture apart.  She destroys toys.  She jumps into peeps laps like whooohhh... look out!  Seriously.  Ellie is her name but my new name for her is Disaster.  Because.  That is what she is.