Saturday, August 13, 2016

VayCay2016 Part 1

A part of the fun of going on vacation is sharing those memories and good times with family and friends upon return. 
And so I will be doing just that in my next several blog posts.  

To begin,  Gracie was not at all happy to find my suitcase out of the closet and on the bedroom floor on Saturday.  The following picture is worth a thousand words:

She was happy though to have a live in dog/house sitter for the week.  Her and Aunt Angie bonded.

This vacation was one that was planned way in advance in anticipation of repeating or even exceeding last years vacation which had gone down in history as being one of the best/funnest/greatest vacations ever!  

Spirits were dampened though, when several family members were unable to be a part of this years vacation.  A few changes were made though, and we proceeded to plan our time away but with a bit of a heavy heart. 

I had a roller coaster ride of emotions.  One day the scavenger hunt was on.  The next day it was not.  I did not feel there was a spirit of enthusiasm in many of the others who were going and I thought, why put a lot of effort into something that others do not care to do?  After my final cancel of the 'fun stuff' I did a complete turnaround and the game was on when I found that Marissa was really excited about it and disappointed to know it might be canceled.  I couldn't let my girl down.  The games are not mandatory, so I thought what the heck.  If just one or two want to play...  well then by golly we were going to play and have fun however small the group!

Upon arrival to the hotel Gary picked up off the ground, (right where we parked our vehicle) confirmation that my decision was right on...   

I pulled out my lists, going through the motions,  and braced myself for what would (unbeknownst to me) become another great/awesome/fun vacation.

We texted the lists to all team members while they were en-route to the Pyramid (where we stayed) so they could get started if they were interested in participating.  Everyone seemed excited to be taking part in the fun. 

And so the competition had begun...

Thursday night awards would be given, the WHEEL OF FORTUNE would be played first with the kids, then with the adults, and then LET'S MAKE A DEAL as our grand finale!

Gary and I were there two days earlier than the rest.  So we had time to unwind a bit.  We enjoyed  dinner at a sports bar where the cream of crab soup was the very best I've ever eaten.  Which of us guessed the total check without going over would 'get' to pay for the meal.  

It was close but Gary won.  I mean lost.  Thanks, honey!

to be continued...