Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Humiliating Me In Public

Dear Diary,
I've noticed Mom has no problem humiliating me in public and posting pictures of me scared and wet while I'm not at my best.  You know what I'm talking about. Moi? During the torrential downpour that just about did me in on Sunday? Remember? She decided it was 'for Gracie's benefit' to take me to the Heritage Days Festival. Did she find it funny that I'm nose to nose with the big black dog that I detest and have to be cordial to, in light of the consuming storm surrounding me?!  Did she think that yanking on my collar and holding me tight would keep me from tearing that black lab from limb to limb?  And she knows I don't like water, yet she marched me right out there through the storms fury to find yet another scary safe place away from the rain.  Humph.  Okay, it wasn't quite as horrible once we got settled there and it was dryer...  BUT I just read her fancy blog about the day ..  
 ha-ha-ha Mom,you are such an idiot a jokester.  Oh... and listen up, peeps.  Sure she shared pictures of ME sopping wet, terrified and humiliated.  

But Now - let ME share a few pictures of my own.



Uh oh.  Here she comes. Looks like I'm in deep doo-doo.  Pretend I'm sleeping. 
Later alligator.  Gracie.

Weight Watchers and Rebecca's Giveaway

What a nice week we're having here...  The days have been sunny and beautiful.  

I've started Weight Watchers Online once again.  

And these fresh fruit bags that are leftover from my yard sale are coming in handy.  I'm thinking there are no WW points in these..  and they are so good!

I've recently stumbled on a beautiful blog which I had been following for quite some time but didn't really visit that often.  I'm glad I decided to go there, and I intend to make it one that I visit often.  And I will confess...  I was encouraged by Rebecca's blog post about WW and that is why I decided to return.

Rebecca, over at A Gathering Place is having a giveaway and you really have to check out her blog and this gorgeous pillow.   

I hope everyone is having a great week and a beautiful day.