Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weight Watchers and Rebecca's Giveaway

What a nice week we're having here...  The days have been sunny and beautiful.  

I've started Weight Watchers Online once again.  

And these fresh fruit bags that are leftover from my yard sale are coming in handy.  I'm thinking there are no WW points in these..  and they are so good!

I've recently stumbled on a beautiful blog which I had been following for quite some time but didn't really visit that often.  I'm glad I decided to go there, and I intend to make it one that I visit often.  And I will confess...  I was encouraged by Rebecca's blog post about WW and that is why I decided to return.

Rebecca, over at A Gathering Place is having a giveaway and you really have to check out her blog and this gorgeous pillow.   

I hope everyone is having a great week and a beautiful day.


  1. Hi Bobbi... dear Rebecca has been a dear friend and inspiration to me from day one!... So happy you found her blog and are following her now... she will delight you every day!... good luck on WW... I know it is a proven winner!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. We are having a good week too Bobbi! Good luck with WW. Will check our Rebecca's blog.

  3. It is beautiful here too and I am sticking with my program of getting outside early and building up my strength. All the best with your program. That was a beautiful blog by the way. Right now I'm busy checking on my followers and fixing my blog so I will check back with Rebecca later.

  4. Rebecca and I just joined up. Good luck on your weight watchers - I need to do that too - those fruits look delish!

  5. I've done ww before, it's a great program. Unfortunately since the big M, I'm not losing weight as easily as before, oh no!

  6. We are definitely on the same page.....After reading Rebecca's blog I joined WW last night and I too have begun my journey of getting the pounds off.....

    It would be fun to stay in touch and be an encouragement to each other through this process.....

    I hope the very best for you......

    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Hey, you look thin, why are you doing Weight Watchers??? Gosh, I guess compared to me, everyone looks skinny, ha ha!!! I have been losing five pounds a week since my hospital stay. But not because I'm trying, just because of being sick. My friend has been on WW and lost 40 pounds in a short period. But the math, geez!!! It's true you can eat whatever you want, but I can't figure out all the points! By the time I would be done trying to figure it all out, I would be too tired to eat!!! I wish you luck, it was a big step to join, but I would swear that you are skinny!!!

  8. Girl, I was supposed to start WW this Tuesday, but was ill and unable to go the meeting. Hopefully will start next week!
    Best wishes for your weight loss adventure!

  9. Hmmmmmm.....Mom keeps tellin' me dat I, Amber Daweenie, needs to join da wait watchers. I likes to WATCH for da foods to go by but I don't's like WAITING for it to jump in my mouth! BWHahahahaha

  10. Hi Bobbi, Love the fruit-looks so yummy. I've done WW over the years and even though I'm not doing it now, I still love their deserts. Today I got the dark chocolate rasberry cheesecake bars and let me tell you it was incredible.
    I also follow Rebecca so will have to go see what the giveaway is.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. Good luck with WW!


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