Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You Can't Go Back, Can You?

When Gary and I first met about fifteen years ago we stopped off at Cornish Manor in Oakland for a romantic dinner.  The ambiance was amazing and I remember thinking about how incredibly lucky I was to have found such a romantic, handsome, funny guy.   Dusk had come and we sat in the car for just a moment before going inside and I thought I'd melt when he kissed me that night.  

We were young then (not even fifty!!) and our love was new.  We ate dinner by candlelight in one of the uniquely decorated rooms and then we went upstairs to see what trouble we could get into...

I remember that night so vividly and I thought about it on Saturday when we decided to do a re-run...  kinda...

Day trip to Oakland!

I look at pictures of us back then and pictures from now, and I think...  where in the world did those in between years go!

Somewhere in the waves of time we both turned gray and older.

 The fun stuff upstairs at the restaurant is gone and it's all about fine dining now.  Hmmmm....  Wonder what they ever did with that armless gal?

Just as Gary and I changed through the years, Cornish Manor changed a bit as well.

There is a saying out there... somewhere...  "You can't go back..."

I do not find that to be entirely true.  We went back on Saturday.  

And I had fried oysters and lobster bisque.

It was quiet. peaceful. nice. fun.

A prelude to our 14th anniversary which will be coming up in September.

The scenery in Oakland is breathtaking.  God's beauty.  His handiwork.  

Psalm 37:4  Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give  you the desires of your heart.

While I was visiting Oakland with my romantic, fun, handsome husband...  I did indeed delight myself in the LORD ... in awe.

And my hearts desire for the day happened to be one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of butter pecan on a homemade waffle cone.

Did you miss us Gracie?

Not really.  I slept all day.  I enjoyed the quiet time.  I didn't have to answer to nobody and I did not get yelled at for barking at the mailman.  Did I miss you?  You bet I did.  I sat at the window all. day. long. waiting on your return.  I did not think I would survive, I was so very lonely without you.  I thought for sure you'd bring me home something.  a bone.  a treat.  a toy.  dairy queen.  anything to show your appreciation for a guard dog who watched the house diligently and bravely all day while you were away.  I was so glad you didn't spend your time away together obsessing about me, and that you were able to forget all about me focus on one another for the day.  How sweet.