Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Amish Country Vacation: The Farm at Walnut Creek Pt. 1

The problem with these newfangled iPhones is ...  the camera takes a great picture and it is fast as well!  You can snap-snap-snap away and before you know it, you have a dilemma, which photo's to delete and which ones to save.  

And that brings me to this edition of Amish Country Vacation:  The Farm at Walnut Creek Pt. 1

I had never been to an animal sanctuary before and did not know what to expect.  The sign gave me a momentary chill...  but it didn't stop us.

We concluded early on that the bucket of food that we purchased (to feed the animals) was not nearly enough.  These guys were hungry!

The welcoming committee trotted steadily towards as upon our arrival.

And it was obvious that they were expecting compensation for their hospitality.

The Farm is home to over five hundred animals with around a hundred different species of animals.

Being the animal lover that I am, I could hardly contain myself.

I soon learned that being quick to put my hand full of food outside of the car window would keep food pellets from being strewn throughout my car.

Note to self:  Clean car when you get home.

 It was a heavenly experience.  And speaking of Heaven, this must be a glimpse into what it will be like.

 The animals all seemed to get along beautifully...

Their existence, peaceful and carefree.

We missed the part where you can get out of your car and interact with certain animals...  it was getting too hot...  so, next time.

I know, I know... I got really carried away with all the pictures.  And to think I've deleted a lot of them to keep this shorter!!

If you love animals and ever get a chance to visit The Farm in Walnut Creek, Ohio....  do!

 I do not think you would be disappointed.

Goodbye little buddies...  God willing, I'll be back to feed you again next year....