Thursday, July 4, 2013

Eighteen Years

(A Repost from a couple years ago)

Fourth of July Memories:

 Hot summer night.  Six kids in a Ford Falcon, one between  Mom and Dad in the front seat and five in the back - going to Cumberland, then sitting on the car hood watching fireworks.  After that, Queen City for ice cream cones.  

 Taking my kids to the White Oaks parking lot and meeting friends there.  Watching innocent faces light up as they watched the magic in the sky.  Then...   Dairy Queen for ice cream.

 4th of July Picnics at my house with plenty of hamburgers, hotdogs, kids playing, adults laughing, and Mom asking, 'Can you get me more potato salad?'

Standing in Mom's hospital room with tears streaming down my face and thinking back to the laughter inside that Ford Falcon from years earlier,  while waiting for her to take her last breath...   watching her slip slowly away from this world to the next...  The sound of  fireworks echoing  beyond the hospital window.

It's been eighteen years since her passing.  But a July 4th does not come and go without me thinking of her, and missing her.


What a time we had last night!

Friends invited us to their home for a private firework display.  We go there every year and they are very safety cautious.  With that being said, let me just say that fireworks can be dangerous, even under the safest of conditions.

We all gathered for a perfect evening, on blankets and chairs watching the beautiful display of color against the dark sky....  God Bless America playing in the background.  

Thank God for the 'change in proceedure' this year and the prayer that was said at the beginning of the evening.  I believe God was there...  watching over our little ones...  watching over us, as a Firework Display went wrong and crates of fireworks began going off and shooting in all directions.  It was like a scene out of a movie as we all started running away as fast as we could.  

Thank you God, for keeping us safe.  

Nobody was hurt.  Lessons were learned.  God covered us with His protection.

Afterwards, the kids settled down and played on the dark grassy hillside as the adults tried to settle themselves down and determine what went wrong.  

I don't know if I will ever care to see another firework display after last night!  Ugh!

I hope everyone has a very happy and SAFE FOURTH! 

 God Bless!

The following video is not of our experience...  but it is very similar to what we experienced last night.