Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Give Me A Caption

Humans have been banned from my house while Gracie is recovering - so my kids didn't visit on Mother's Day.  Jackie offered to leave my flowers at the curb ~ LOL. 

  For those of you interested in knowing what Gracie got in her Three Dog Bakery goodie box:

Gosh.  She's so spoiled.

Every day we do a belly check.

I say, "Gracie... roll over and let me see your belly."

And she stops, drops and rolls.  "Looking good," I say... then I rub her belly.  

Sometimes she stays in that position for
 the longest time.

The bushes surrounding our house are 
budding vibrant shades of pink...

 And I'm wishing I had more time 
to savor their beauty.

But there's work to be done.  

Don't ask me what I planted below.  All I know is they looked pretty and they were perennials.  Last year I planted annuals.  They were beautiful, then gone.

I do not have a green thumb.  
So this should be interesting.

Below I planted some Lily of the Valley here in front of our adjoining 'guest apartment'.  Crossing fingers.

I love working in the dirt.  But I hate that cover thingy that goes over the dirt to keep the
 weeds from growing.  

I am in awe of you all out there... the ones of you who know the names of trees and flowers 
and birds and bushes.
I have a real hard time with that.  I know the basics... like  lilac (my favorite), daisy, sunflower, rose.  After that all I know is either they're pretty ~ or not.  

My mothers Day started off with a whiff of some pretty nasty dog poop that had been matted into Gracie's hind end fur.  So I was on the floor with scissors, soapy water, and my rubber gloves telling her if she moved, she'd be in big trouble.

Of course, she was humiliated and has been for the past month.  She needs bathed and groomed AND though I love her shaggy look, I'm appalled by her smell and dirty beard.

Okay guys, take a good look at those eyes.... then give me a caption.  

Hope you're all enjoying your Spring!