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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Was Spooked

Let me start this post by saying "I don't spook easily".
God and His goodness are my life's focus, and I steer clear of anything that would attempt to refute that. 
 I know that I know that I know...  God is Good.

The house that I grew up in is now owned by our then neighbor.  She's a good person.  She purchased the house from my mom years ago... because it is right beside her own property.  

Every Christmas they turn on their display... the most awesome Christmas display in town, I'd say.  (Mom would be so proud.)  

Growing up, I remember when they burned the house next door (on the other side) to the ground and made it into a cemetery.  Nothing unusual for us though.  It was just an extension of the cemetery above our house.  So we had a cemetery above and beside our home.  Again...  no big deal.  We were used to it.  Tombstones began to appear, and soon the cemetery beside us was very.... ahem...  un-lived in... if you know what I mean.

Okay.  I'm leading up to something here.  

My sister was in from Annapolis this week.  We had so much fun.   We were leaving my daughter's apartment last night and I said to her... "Why don't we stop and check out the home place?"  And so we did.

It was quiet on the hill.  A clear night with no one around.  We carefully walked the path that once led to our outhouse...  then around what used to be our house...

The display was even prettier from this side of the street.  A wonderland... really!!  I didn't get the pictures I wanted to get... And they did not do it justice at all...

Picture below:  The window on the left was our bedroom window growing up.  It looks eerie, don't you think?  Like someone might be looking out. I didn't think anything about it till I saw yet another one of the pictures that I took.... I don't think anyone actually lives in the house.

Walking around the house, I noticed a huge dog cage with a big white bull dog-type standing erect and staring at us.  It did not bark, just stared.  Spooky if you ask me, the way it stared, motionless.  "Angie, do you see that dog?" I asked.  She didn't see it.  I was starting to think he was not real, because he didn't move.  Just stared.   We stood there for a minute and he and I had a stare-off.  He didn't budge.  "Is that dog real?" I asked.   Careful not to slip on the ice, we made our way to our neighbors house and knocked on the door.  The dog began to bark.  There was no answer and Angie had just got a text message that our nephew and his family were meeting at my place... so we couldn't wait around.  

We began walking back up the driveway...

Stopping for a few pictures...  

So many memories in this old house...

Wonderful, fun, good memories...

OKAY >  You tell me.  What happened here?  
The night was still and clear.  No fog.  No noise.  No people.  Stars bright in the sky. What happened with this picture?
I looked at it after I took it... "hmm  I wonder why that one didn't take...." I said, thinking I must have moved...
But when I got home and loaded it onto my computer, I could see that it wasn't in how I was holding the camera... but rather something there...  ???

I know, there has to be an explanation.  But last night, I will admit.  I was spooked.


 Just thought you might like to enjoy a little Summer on this beautiful fall day.