Sunday, May 22, 2016

Scattered Thinking

It's rained here a lot in the last month.  I'm starting to think that it's not April showers at all that bring May flowers, but rather May showers that bring June flowers.

A lot of random stuff going through my head these days.  Like: My inability to stick to a diet.  How lonely it is to go on living without my sister and my brother.  Whether I should continue to let my gray hair grow in or should I put color on it asap.  The red tape and lies and absurd, crazy stuff you have to go through in order to get a meager loan to buy a house (not for me, but for my daughter).  How to work hard and be prosperous.  Getting ready for summer.  Etc. 

Each day brings new joys. burdens. adventures.  promises.  I try to stay positive.  Sometimes it's tough.  When someone I love hurts, I want to fix it.   But more often than not, there is nothing I can do.  Just pray.  

I have pages of lists of people in my prayer journal that I pray for each day.  It's always warming to be able to put a smiley face by those answered prayers or to look up to the heavens and mouth a thank you.  This week I did just that when Lindsey's loan finally went through and this sweet family of mine was able to call an actual house their home.  Nine years of apartment living is enough, especially for a family with kids.  God's answer to my prayers far exceeded that which I prayed for.  That is my awesome God!  

When I walked into church today, I could tell there was something that was not right with my friend.  She said she was fine.  But when I asked her "are you sure?", she told me how she and her daughter had a great time shopping one day last month.  Laughing.  Having fun.  Mother-daughter time.  The next day her 45-year old daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly.  Wow!  Not only did God show me how insignificant this past 3 months of worry for my daughters getting a home loan was, but how precious each and every day is with our loved ones.  Thank you God, for showing me this.  

Gary had laser surgery on his eyes yesterday.  His right eye is really bad (glaucoma).  So far, his pressures did not go down but that, another prayer high on my list.  Next month he will go in for a re-check.  He is working hard doing things around the house.  The biggest project is a deck.  Swim time is just around the corner and the deck can be completed in days...  if it would just stop with the rain, already! But.  It's all good.  

There have been so many angels come into my life lately, with messages of revival and hope.  Breakthrough.  Changes are taking place.   Some may seem like bad changes but since my God is an awesome God, all will work together for good.  So I am looking forward to tomorrow as today I pray.

I have just finished a good book.  Good but troubling...  The Devil in The White City.  It's about the Chicago World's Fair in the 1890's and the psychopathic serial killer that stalked the area at that time.  I learned a lot of history, strange personalities, and such...   but it gave me bad dreams too.  Time to move on to a happy book ;-)

So now you know about my scattered thoughts as of late.  I need a vacation, right?

And Gracie says she needs a haircut.