Friday, July 16, 2010

Something Crazy

When life gets too serious I have no choice...  I have to get a little crazy.

  No, that's not Suzanne Sommers hopping into her T-Bird to impress the American Graffiti guys...  it's only me a few years back touring Universal Studios Theme Park in Florida.  Oh yeaaaaa....

Well what do you know about that.  Even Gary took his eyes of of his problems briefly.

Antique shops.  The smell of stale furniture, dusty books.... and hats that make me look so retro.

Allowing the kids from church to dress me up like a hussy and drag me through Wal-Mart at midnight during their 'surprise/sleepover/wedding shower' for me years ago. 

Ok.  So that's not really Gary.  It's just a pillow case I decorated, stuffed, and placed in his chair when he was away so I wouldn't miss him so much.

I'm feeling the need to do something crazy again....

 And Gracie is feeling the need to hide from me...

"Gracie...  Come on baby.  Mommy got you a new outfit."