Thursday, May 19, 2011

Women and Work. Job #2

 Factory Worker

Mom's in the back, circled

After A few months of waiting tables and spilling drinks,  I was called in for an interview at the Pajama Factory where my Mom worked as a seamstress most of her adult life.  Above is a photo of her way back B/B (before bobbi).  

 I was about to get the job of my dreams - I'd be a factory worker!!  Full time work making more money meant I could buy a new car, new clothes, shoes...  well...  you get the picture.  At eighteen it was all about 'me'!  One of the first things I purchased was a new coat (above). 

Now it was Mom's turn to be proud of me.  All of her factory friends were amazed at how fast and efficiently I worked.  The supervisor was not sorry that Mom recommended me for the job.  I was on piece work and the faster I worked, the more money I made.  I was a working machine!

Being very shy, I found that the best thing about working in the sewing factory was, I could put on my headphones and listen to my favorite radio station drowning out all of the machinery and gossip that was happening around me.


To Be Continued....