Monday, April 29, 2019

How Did I Live Without It?

Hello everyone!  I'm back for my weekly post (I've made Monday my day for bill paying and blog posting)  

It's looking like spring here and I am loving it!

This past week we celebrated 2 birthdays.  Grand-Angel #1 turned 12 and we had movie night and an extended version of Easter with an egg hunt for Grand-Angel #4 who could not be here on Easter.  Oh, and did I mention I turned 64 a day later?  Yah.

There's a lot of drama going on here - business related and other - but I wish to speak life into all and focus strictly on the good stuff.  And speaking of good stuff - look at these beautiful faces.  God's love is just bursting out all over!!!

My birthday gifts included some wonderful scented candles, a heart felt personal journal, getting my car detailed, visits from the above angels AND....

A shirt I don't know how I lived without!!