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Friday, October 15, 2010

Okay... Smile!

Me: Gracie, C'mon... let me take a fall picture of you for my blog.  My blog friends love you.  They think you're cute.

Gracie:  I have a better idea, let's put twigs and brush in your hair and make you sit still while everyone stands around laughing at you.

Me:  That's it girl.  Smile.

Gracie:  If you see a smile on this face it's because I have gas.  And thanks for that by the way...   You know better than to give me chicken.

Me: Oh Gracie, you look so cute.  Now lets go inside... Mommy's got to go to work.

Gracie:  Sure, and without even so much as a Beggin' Strip as a reward for being good.  That's how you are.  

Me:  Oh Gracie, why are you so sad?

Gracie:  Well, lets see.  You yelled at me for having my chew bone in the middle of the floor, you haven't changed my water yet today, you told my buddy Gumby you were going to throw him away if you tripped on him one more time, you didn't share your toast with me, you pulled me away from the best smells outside - near the fire hydrant, you always have that stupid Mac on your lap instead of me.... and my ears itch!  Why do you think I'm sad?

Me:  Gracie I love you

Gracie:  Yea, well I guess I love you too.


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