Sunday, July 6, 2014

Flipping Houses

"Ken, I've been thinking.  We need to move out of this castle and into a bigger house.  Our family has grown and we need more space."

"Well, Barbie... if your sisters and their husbands and their kids, and your best friend didn't live with us we'd have plenty of room. And just how are we going to afford a bigger house?!"  

Meanwhile, a lady in LaVale checks flip house off 
her bucket list.   

And Ken finds the perfect home for an affordable price.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

Well, everyone except for Ken that is.

"When is your sister going to find a job?"

"All she ever does is sleep!"

Dear Diary,

Mom left the house yesterday to go to what she calls yard sales.  She came back with a big wooden box that she said she paid fifteen dollars for.  Every time I turned around she was doing something with that darn wooden box.  Soon her and Dad were carrying it through the house and into the back room.  I hope she gets over her obsession with that big thing, cause I want to go for a walk.  Gracie.