Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ear today... Gone Tomorrow?

Boy it's been hot.  But Gracie still insists on her nightly walk.  It's like being in an oven.  Whew!   I usually never have my camera with me anymore but I always have my phone so I count on it to give me a so-so picture if I see something I want to capture.

Like this sunset last night.  It was a lot prettier than the picture.  But hey, what do you expect with a camera phone?

 Gracie's still trying to get used to our running in and out of the house all day and disturbing her peace and quiet.  Today I walked in at lunchtime and she didn't even get up and grab a toy to greet me... she just laid there curled up at her window and looked at me like I was being a real pain.

Yesterday my ex boss called.   He was upset with me because I had left my customers know where I'd moved to, and they are coming to me instead of Miracle Ear.  The conversation did not go well, and in the end we parted on a not-so-good note.  Some day I'll do a post on that particular subject, but tonight I'm too tired.     

Rumor has it that our carved ear is getting complaints that it is 'advertising' our business, and may be going to the board -    One of the board members just purchased a set of hearing aids from us and doesn't seem to have a problem with it ... he lives right across the road... but Geesh.  People need to get a grip!  So, if we have to get rid of the ear, Do you have any other ideas of what we can put up to make an impact so people will know where to 'turn here' without actually advertising?  Gary was thinking maybe a big bear that points toward our house.  What do you think?

Business has been good...  and one of my biggest fears was that we would not get noticed where we are.  But we have had a lot of business from walk-ins.  Go figure.  

A customer and her hubby brought us lunch the other day after we heeded her advice and ordered a ramp with hand rails to be put out front.  The lunch was totally unexpected but appreciated just the same.  We meet some of the kindest people in our business !

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post...  It really made me feel good.

I hope everyone is having a great week!!