Friday, May 30, 2014

We Got A Gorilla

A little Gorilla trivia:

On May 9, 2014 a furniture store in Quakertown, PA received a giant 8 1/2 foot gorilla in with their shipments.  

They had not ordered a gorilla.  

They did not know what to do with him!  So they sat him outside of the store.

The very next day, Gary and I saw him standing in front of the store and we fell in love with him.  Well, Gary more than me,  But anyway....  When we returned home we began to make plans.

Meanwhile.... back at the furniture store...

Big wig inspectors just happened to be making their rounds and workers had to hide the gorilla.  He wasn't supposed to be there!!  The store does not carry items that big!  
Today:  Gary received 2 things:  

1) His very first pension check from Bethlehem Steel where he worked for 29 years.  
(He could retire, though he still stays semi-active in our business.)

2) Anvil, the gorilla, who will be  All About Hearing's mascot.   

   His four hour ride here was not without a little action...

One girl motioned for the guys to pull the trailer off to the side of the road...  then she proceeded to jump up into the gorillas lap to get a picture.

A tire blew on the trailer...

And many gawkers laughed and pointed at the 8 foot ape riding down the road....

But he's home now.  A little angry, but he'll get over it.

He is keeping an eye on things.

Gracie:  she will bark and lunge and go crazy over a tiny piece of paper in our yard.  But an 8 foot gorilla??  She acts like she has known him all her life.  Try as I may, I will never understand my dog.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


So I've gotten a little on the shaggy side lately, but Dad likes me that way.  

I've gotten a tad bit on the smelly side as well (according to the nag aka Mom)

  I do not concur.  

Today, a surprise ride in the Buick aka Elantra sent me into a happy dance.
"Really Mom!  I get to go for a ride in the Buick??  C'mon!  Hurry!  Let's go!"

Mom and I rode around and we bonded.  We laughed, and shook, and slobbered on the windows...  

And then things got serious.

"You wanna go see Kevin?" she said.

"Yea!  Yea!  You bet I do!!"  I said.

"...And get groomed"  she added.
Whoooaahhh....  wait a minute.  

U Turn pleassseee!

But I was harnessed and leashed and in her total control. 

The rest is history.

I came home looking like a

And smelling like a french hoar poodle!

Benedict Arnold Mom thinks I look adorable and smell beautiful.  I'm pretty sure she's just trying to kiss up cause she needs someone to play Wally with.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


May 27, 1984

 Spring is in full swing and the days are warm and mostly sunny now.  The winter was long and harsh, freezing temperatures and blustery snow made this mom of two mischievous little boys a little stir crazy.   I am thankful for my sister who lives next door.  She comes to visit often, which helps me to maintain my sanity.    Jackie goes to school now, so I do get a break from the chaos on weekdays.  Justin does okay as long as he doesn't have his brother Jackie to instigate trouble. 

I love the weekends the most.  I can hear the boys laughing and playing in the sandbox through the screen in the bedroom window.  I peeked out just a minute ago.  Cars, trucks, and army men were racing through sand dunes.  What their mission is, I do not know.  I just know that it's a quiet, sunny day on our hill and our boys are playing happily in their world of make believe.  

May 2014  

Digging up treasures can be fun for six year old boys.  Especially to unearth the most precious of gems:  Daddy's old toys.  

Digging around the old sandbox where his daddy played almost 30 years ago Jake found some interesting finds. 

When I look at them, I remember my boy, dirty face and mussed hair...  living in a world of perfect days without a care in the world.  And I miss him.

But then I look into the eyes of his own six year old, and my boy is with me still.  

Jackie with two sons Jake and Jasper

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gracie's Dowry

dow·ry  (dou′rē)
n. pl. dow·ries
1. Money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage.

Dear Samson,

As our engagement lingers, I have to wonder how long till I become your Mrs.    So anyway...   I'm thinking a fall wedding when it cools a bit and the leaves are bright and colorful.   What do you think?  


Are you paying attention?

Okay.  So if you have lost interest, maybe this will change your mind:

I have a dowry all my own,
Included are 3 ice cream cones.
Balls that light and ones that squeak,
I even have a ball that speaks.

My Wally measures 4 foot long,
And Piggie - he will sing a song.
Squirrely Friend and Skunkie too,
A hat that krinkles just like new.

One Santa who is missing stuffing,
Man who wont put up with nothing.
Hotdogs, hamburgers, Kongs with treats,
Mr. Raccoon who's lost his feets.

Reindeer, Gumby, balls galore,
Need I mention any more?
All these things for me us were bought.
Are ya ready Samson...  to tie the knot?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2 Boys And A Dog

Our boy Jasper, who had hernia surgery in January, has to go back in to have surgery again next month.  His hernia repair has come undone.  This happens in 25% of the patients.  

He is such a little sweetheart.

Meanwhile...  his big brother is tearing up the field 
in Tee Ball.  

GO # 3!!!!!

And Gracie.  Well.  Gracie is just hanging out.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Memorable Day

Our weekend was spent in Allentown, Pennsylvania celebrating Gary's Mom's birthday and then just puttering around Bethlehem/Allentown/Quakertown seeing what we could get into.

We had dinner at a wonderful seafood place, Henry's Salt of the Sea.  

Then we went back to our hotel suite and enjoyed family time.
Gary's bro Randy, sister Sue, Mom, and Gary
I met the man of my dreams the next day at Country Junction.   We are seriously thinking of bringing him home and appointing him Mascot for All About Hearing.

It was love at first sight!
And then...  We did some chillin' with the Prez and gave him our two-cents worth.  He was having none of it, so we high tailed it out of there.

 Upon returning home I got to spend the evening with my favorite girls.  They brought me tulips, my favorite!

I talked to both of my sons.  My Mother's Day was complete!  I am grateful!!

Gracie, How do you like the gift we brought you?

Mom, I love the dragon!  But the pig ear you brought me...  ummm...  don't you know they are not good for dogs to eat? Are you trying to get rid of me?  I am having a terrible time trying to find a hiding place for that big ol' pig ear.  But the dragon, I like.  
Happy Mother's Day Mom.  
And now.  A gift for you...

******* A pig ear under my pillow????  Gracie!!!!!******

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gary Celebrates and Gracie Makes a Life Changing Decision

Today, Gary turns the big


And now, his dream of a PENSION from his former work place of almost 29 years, BETHLEHEM STEEL,  has become reality!  

Pension + 60 = Retirement?

Well,  Maybe semi-retirement.  I have a couple of  years yet and I don't believe he wants to retire 100% without me.  But in the meantime, Gary is a pretty happy camper!!

Dear Mom,

I've worked hard at watching the house all these years and finally, yesterday, I found myself to be quite tired.  Today I am re-tired, so I'm going on the road with Dad.  He says he is re-tired too.  We will send gifts.  

Love, Gracie