Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year Post

So how are all the new years resolutions going?

I didn't make one.  I would only break it and then I would feel like a failure.

So I'm taking one day at a time.

Lately, my heart has been heavy for a number of unspoken reasons.

 Time ~ Alone with God has helped.

 Only He can turn my heart from anger to forgiveness.   He gives me peace to replace my anxieties and helps me to understand some things that I just don't get.   And when the day comes to an end,  I am at peace.

This is not a new years resolution, mind you, but I am setting my heart on drawing nearer to God and distancing myself from those who pull me away from His peace.   This is my survival in what often seems to be an insensitive, careless & manipulative world.

But.  I am grateful.  I have family and friends who are awesome.  I have some of the finest, most sincere and caring blogging friends!  And knowing that there are still good people in the world is reason for hope!

And now.  Lets Live, Love and Laugh together as we go into 2014.

Ok Gracie.  It's your turn.

Yea.  Gracie here.  My new years resolution - No more diaries for me.  Too embarassing when you-know-who shares my innermost thoughts and secrets with the world.  Know what I mean?  Question:  What kind of MOM would take a present from Santa AKA kitty kitty cat and put it up high so I can't get to it?  A NOT_SO_NICE ONE!  Here kittie kittie kittie....

My plan was not to remove the squeaker.  I was cleaning kittie's ear!